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Roving street theatre close up magician, for amazing entertainment at street fairs, country shows, festivals, fetes, functions, carnivals, also corporate events, etc.

Griego comes in his very eye-catching, stand-out-from-the-crowd outfit of black trousers, white shirt with black lace frill trim, HUGE black bow tie which stretches from shoulder to shoulder [that is for outdoor shows, or a much smaller formal bowtie for corporate-type indoor events] & the unique, intriguing, mysterious black eyepatch over his right eye. [See attached photo]

He wanders around amongst the crowds at country shows, street carnivals, fetes, festivals, functions, etc, entertaining ALL the people in small groups, with the most amazing feats of mental playing card magic which they have ever seen in their lives. People enjoy his humorous brief act so much that they always depart with not just smiles on their faces, but actually laughing out loud, & yelling out “You’re amazing !”

So popular is his entertainment, that many agricultural show secretaries have told him that so many of their patrons had actually come into their offices to say how much they had enjoyed his entertainment. The patrons had also commented on just how good it is being able to actually meet & talk to the performer, rather than just watching him up on a stage. In many cases, the secretaries have booked him up for their next annual show on the spot!

Magicians have always been a proven attraction when mentioned on advertising aimed at luring large crowds of people of all ages to community or fundraising events.

Why? In the mind of the reader, it's the mystery, the intrigue, the eye-catching spectacle, the anticipation of the unexpected.

Children are fascinated by a magician merely due to the colour & the sheer magic. Adults are fascinated by a magician because they ponder "Now how on earth did he do that?"

Either way, the means justifies the end, which is great roving street theatre entertainment. Plus having roving entertainers adds a jovial, fun-filled atmosphere to the event, which naturally instills good humour into all the patrons, which in turn encourages them to be happy & spend more freely.

He has current $20million public liability insurance cover, plus certificates from the NSW Police, as well as the NSW Commission for Children & Young People, which authorise him to work amongst children. So “All the boxes are ticked”.

Do please feel free to contact him to discuss your specific needs in detail. His fees are ridiculously reasonable. He is flexible & accommodating to your needs, & always most willing to consider any request. Will travel anywhere, distance is no problem.

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