Bob's Place, and Bream Cottage, pet friendly lakeside cottages in Coomba Park, near Forster. Take you dogs and cats on holiday
Your pet is welcome in this holiday house
Bream Cottage - Coomba Park, The Great Lakes, NSW

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Terms & Conditions

We want you to enjoy your stay and we try hard to ensure the cottages are clean and cared for.

We don't charge a cleaning fee (although we do have a housekeeper who takes care of the cottages) and we ask you to please leave them clean and tidy. If you prefer you can pay an extra $50 and walk away without any conscience!

Occasionally we have a problem (we're only human) and if you feel unhappy about the cottages we ask you to let us know. Generally any problems can be fixed by our housekeeper or handyman - their phone numbers are on the fridge.

Please remember these are self catering cottages. The local shop is open 7 days from 8.30 to 5pm except on Sunday when it closes at 1pm.

Please check the barbecues for gas before the shop closes.... if you need gas the shop will fill or exchange - we pay the bill!

Terms & Conditions
  1. The duration of your stay is as stated on your booking. Lengthening your stay is possible if the house is not re-let - telephone and ask. Additional nights are charged pro rata the normal weekly rate!
  2. The rental of the cottage is based upon the rate advertised at the time you book.
  3. Bream Cottage is self catering
  4. The number of people is as stated on your booking. We don't object to extra guests within the capability of the house sleeping arrangements. We reserve the right to charge an extra $10 per night for extra people - this covers additional costs for water and power.
  5. Arrival times is 1pm and Leaving time is 10.30 am unless prior arrangements have been made. Please note the village shop may be shut before 8am and after 5pm
  6. 10% deposit is required on booking. The balance is due before your visit. Cheques, money orders or cash please, in Australian dollars. Payable to "Bob Jeal Technology Management pty Ltd"
  7. You can pay online - our bank details are on the booking form.
  8. In the event of a late cancellation the deposit will not be refundable unless the cottage is relet.
  9. We assume you have a mobile phone.
  10. Provide your own bed linen and towels or hire ours.
  11. Any damage or loss to the contents will be charged.
  12. Dogs (and other domestic animals) are welcome. There are ticks in this area. All pets should be on anti flea and tick medication - Front Line is recommended (available from your vet). All pets should be up to date with vaccinations and worm control medication. Please clean up after your pet. Dogs outside of the premises must be under control. They - and you - can swim in the lake.
  13. The veranda and back yard are safe for most dogs. Most larger dogs are unable to jump the fences (there are exceptions - you know your pet!) but really small toy dogs may be able to get underneath. Planks are provided in case your toy dog is an escape artist. NOTE: wallabies abound (no pun intended) and dogs kept outside may be unsettled by this. Nothing is safe for cats.
  14. No cleaning fee as such is charged. We ask you to leave the premises as you would expect to find them. If you prefer, a $50 cleaning fee can be paid.
  15. Please take care of the septic system and don't put anything down sinks, drains, toilets that can cause blockage or kill the bacteria that make it work. This includes tissues - please always use toilet paper - in reasonable amounts. Your stay will be spoiled if the septic system becomes damaged. Grey water is pumped onto the garden at regular intervals at Bob's Place, Bream Cottage has a pump out system.
  16. The water is a rainwater tank system - beautiful soft water. Used sensibly there is always sufficient. Please - don't leave taps to run inside or outside. Always use the water as if there were a drought. IF YOU PREFER CHLORINATED WATER PLEASE DRINK AND COOK FROM THE 'OTHER' TAP AT THE SINK.
  17. Only use the outside hose for emergency washing of your dog (on the grass please).
  18. Please wash/clean fish in a bucket outside, and tip the fishy water (minus scales and bones, which may block the system) carefully down the drain. Wrap the rest and place in the garbage bin. Nothing smells worse than fish going off!
  19. Soft water uses less soap, reduce soap powder, washing up liquid etc by half.
  20. Please put the garbage (red lid) and recycling bin (yellow lid) out on a Monday night for the Tuesday collection. The green ldded bin is for greenwaste
  21. If you have any suggestions or comments about Bream Cottage we would be happy to receive them.

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